Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stop the 18 inch receipt madness

I was at Starbucks the other day ordering my very lengthy but super good coffee, and the lady and behind the counter asked my if I wanted my receipt. I said, "No, but thank you for asking first!"
My purse gets filled with miscellaneous receipts. Receipt for a pack of gum, a receipt for a sub, or 3 stapled together for a return, or whatever. Things I obviously don't need receipts for, things (Like my coffee) that I am not going to return. Why do I need a receipt for my Chinese take out (Lets not even get into how many extra menus are floating around my house, cuz they stick them in everything.) And they have gotten so gosh darn long too. These receipts are now three feet long. You know who is the worst receipt offender, Blockbuster. Three receipts for the movie that you just rented and put together they are as tall as I am! Another Long Receipt offender. CVS Pharmacy. OH MY GOODNESS, they have long receipts! Why are they wasting so much paper? Coupons, Surveys, Sale Reminders, Tings in multiple languages, Total Savings. They junk up my purse until I go through it and it all makes it 's way to be big blue recycle bi. Say no to receipts!

Oh, and while I am ranting... I think that you should be fined for putting flyers underneath my wind shield wipers! You are littering. In my opinion you should get a ticket just as you
wouldl it you threw paper or anything else out the window on the highway.
You know half of them are just thrown on the parking lot. The ones in my car junk up the back seat until they make it home and to my blue bin. Do I look like I am interested in spray tan, dating service or whatever else you are putting on my car? If I am I will come to you and ask you for a brochure. It just annoys me to no end that in the midst of whatever else I am doing juggling (a wiggly 7 month old baby, a $4 coffee, a SoyJoy and my purse Etc) that I have to reach around to grab the junk that has been put under my wipers. Could this be a good form of advertising? I can't imagine. I probably wouldn't buy whatever you were peddling just because I am so annoyed with your solicitation, besides you'd probably give me 18 inch receipt anyway!
Who have you found to be the long receipt offender??

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