Saturday, October 20, 2007


"You Spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round, round round" was the song that all the records gathered around the jukebox in the Turnsville Soda Shop to listen to.But it was not always that happy, oh no a long long time ago it was far worse.

One day a little record, let's call him Wonky, learned how to turn on a turn table and play music at the same time. What a multi-tasker! Anywhoo,Wonky wanted to do something special for his girlfriend because it was their fourth anniversary together. So he went to Google and typed in green gifts. After all he remembers her saying she loved the color green. Well he found (repurposed treasures for you and your home) for you that had qwerty keys on it and he bought it for the low low price of eight ninety-five. He wanted to do more for her since she was quote "extra special" so he found a pop-up about the beautiful, extravagant, (and any other positive adjetives you could think of) Island of the Spinners. So he bought the package including air fare.

Once they arrived, they went to check into the hotel and then they took a romantic stroll around the beach, but to Wonky and Wonkette's (Wonky's girlfriend) surprise it was 105 degrees outside. And all the records that were sunbathing . . . . . melted.

Wonky and Wonkette rolled quickly back to the hotel and floored it right to their room. Wonky unhesitantly picked up the phone and called Audrey from She said that she would be right over. She said that there was no hope for the melted records except (here is where the story turns around) she could make them into bowls.

So we named the bowls after the brave record that acted to save the environment. And they lived happily ever after. And by the way Wonkette loved her qwerty keys.

This is a narrative story because records can not type or dial numbers on a phone.

Monday, October 15, 2007 Saves And Salvages One Keyboard At A Time is saving old junked up keyboards and turning them into magnificent magnets. Why do they do this you ask? Did your grandparents ever tell you the story of KeyLand? Well it's a magical story and you blog readers are going to hear it if you read on(which you should).

In KeyLand all the little keys live a happy life. Their day starts out by going to typing lessons. They go to chorus and learn about key notes. Then they go to Study Hall and dream about going out with the mouse next door. Then comes reading. The "A" key gets an A+. They grow up they go and hang out with the wrong doers like "F" and "D". And that's when everything goes to crap in KeyLand.

All they do is grow up to be plugged into a computer and get pressed on everyday. The Keyberts are discarded when the new styles arrive. There is no more use for them. The relationship of the keyboard and laptop gets oblitereated and for the laptop, the plug is pulled. The poor keys get wound up in the trecherous Waste Stream. feels bad for those keys and the keys get repurposed. The Keyberts get Extreme Makeover Keybert Edition. They get to become magnets and instead going out with the mouse, they are sticking to the refridgerator. So that is the story of the Keyberts and KeyLand. And Remember when you think of keyboards think of